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School Programs

Since its inception in 1998, Dynamo Fencing Club has been offering introductory classes at Elementary Schools and High Schools throughout British Columbia. One of the founding principles of Dynamo is to facilitate the grass roots growth of the sport of Fencing.

Let us introduce your students to the sport of Fencing. We offer fencing instruction to students and teachers of all ages and abilities. Our coaches have developed a fun and exciting introductory Fencing program that will excite, challenge and empower students of all ages and backgrounds.

Dynamo’s introductory program is world renowned and widely considered the most comprehensive program on offer in the lower mainland, and perhaps, in Canada. We intend to give your students a glimpse into the world of Fencing and what it can offer both in terms of physical development, but more importantly for their interpersonal development as they strive to become honest and hard working members of society.

Our Youth Outreach Programs are spearheaded by Igor Gantsevich, PanAm Championship and World Cup medallist, Canadian National Fencing Team Member, and President of the Dynamo Fencing Club. Igor has a wealth of experience developing young Fencers, as evidenced in the hugely successful Youth academy programs that he has guided over the past Four (4) years in conjunction with the West Vancouver School Board (West Vancouver Premier Academy). These programs, in addition to ongoing classes and programs at Dynamo, have allowed Igor to introduce the sport of Fencing to over Fifty Thousand (50,000) children in British Columbia in past Four (4) years!

Our basic Introductory School Program covers the art of Fencing, the history of the sport, and the excitement of Olympic fencing. We provide a fresh and innovative approach to instruction that will inspire and excite even the most skeptical students. The goald of this program is to show your students how unique and inspiring the sport can be if you engage. Your students will be given ample time to Fence as these introductory programs focus on fun! They will learn Fencing specific skills and strategies, increase their balance, flexibility, and coordination, all while building their confidence and interpersonal skills. Regardless of one’s physical abilities or athletic prowess, the sport of fencing is beneficial to all!

Benefits to the Program:

Physical Education:
Movement:- Alternative-Environment Activities
Movement:- Games
Movement:- Individual and Dual Activities
Personal & Social Responsibility

Healthy Living

Fencing at Dynamo Fencing Club.

Physical and Mental well-being
Safety & Injury Prevention
Coordination Development
Discipline Development

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